Sea Day

Today is our final day at sea…bring me the tissues! I absolutely love our days at Sea! You can do nothing or be busy as a bee! There is so much to do but our favorite is lounging on Deck 10 enjoying the ocean breeze!

This morning Kerry and I are going to Palo for Brunch. We usually do a date night for Dinner at Palo but we decided to try both on this trip. You can book Palo brunch online when you do your check-in or you can check availability when you board the ship. You will find the location on your Navigator as to where to book on embarkation day. One of the members of our Facebook cruising group booked the Palo private dining room and we were lucky enough to join them. There were 13 of us and it was lovely!




Palo Brunch is a little different than Dinner. You have the option to order from a menu, enjoy the buffet or do both! Of course we did both!

palo menu

We ordered lasagna and Chicken Parmesan from the menu and then we headed to the buffet! Here are a few of the options. I couldn’t get pictures of everything but I got a few.

Here is my dessert plate…there is no rule saying you can’t eat dessert first haha!  My word of advice…get a sticky bun and eat it while it’s hot!


We love Palo and everything about it! What a gorgeous view!


Here is our amazing group! We had people from the United States, Australia and we were the only ones from Canada!  It’s so nice meeting new people from other places.


Whenever you do Palo Brunch, skip breakfast! I am so happy we did!  We were so full from all the amazing food!  And I forgot to mention…it’s all you can eat!  We went to the buffet a few times and Kerry ordered twice from the menu.  I think Brunch is my new favorite!

While we were enjoying some adult time, the kids were having their own fun at the clubs, taking pictures and they did some shopping.

1605-23416566-Classic CL Minnie 4 MS-30949_GPR1605-23414996-Classic CL Daisy 4 MS-30950_GPR

Time to get out of our fancy clothes and head to deck 10 for some fresh air!


Found some chairs for relaxing


This picture never gets old!  I swear I take this same shot every time I pass by


Finding Dory was on Funnel Vision this afternoon!  Love that movie!


Around the pool area

Us three amigo’s.  Maison was with Brody.  Kerry went and got us a snack.  Pizza for him and Bria, chicken burger for me.

So happy we had gorgeous weather on our last day at sea.  I could have stayed there until dark!

Another day ending, but a fun night ahead!


On shorter sailings, there is no set formal night, but there is an optional dress up night.  Of course, we dressed up! We had so many amazing family pictures taken but I love these so much!

1605-23459732-F Stairs 3 MS-30807_GPR

1605-23465152-F LSP White 3 Starboard-30802_GPR

Tonight the show at the Walt Disney Theatre was Frozen.  Since we seen it last week, we decided to head to Azure to watch Shawn Farquhar.  Shawn Farquhar is a 2-time world champion in Magic.  He has been on Ellen, Penn & Teller, in Motion Pictures and lucky enough…our cruise!  Maison is a huge fan of magic so he was pretty excited about this show!

20180206_193128He is very engaged in the audience.  Kerry was his helper for his rubix cube.

After he was done his mind-blowing show, we went to say hello.  Maison was very excited to tell him that we were from Newfoundland,Canada.  Shawn is a Canadian himself and was so happy to have a chat about Newfoundland with Maison.  He remembered fishing in Newfoundland & Labrador when he was younger.  Of course we had to get a picture!


Strolling around and taking a few pictures.  I love the Crown & Fin Pub area



and of course a silly one


Few more pictures taken in the Adult area of the ship.  The kids were allowed there at this time as we just came from the family show.

My handsome young man


So happy these two love Disney as much as their Momma haha!


Dinner tonight was at Tiana’s!  Our server’s gave us some bead necklaces to wear!

1605-23489909-F Tianas Place-30796_GPR

Tiana came to visit our table!

Love this soup


Kerry’s Appetizer


Maison is having steak again


Our amazing server Ida

It’s Mardi Gras time

Here comes Andrew!


I always say the servers on a Disney Cruise is what makes your experience so amazing!  We had the most wonderful time with ours and they were such a sport! They had no idea I had a filter on my phone and when I showed them the picture, they were in tears laughing.


so then they wanted to do more.  We laughed until we cried!

So much fun!

In the middle of all the laughter, our dessert arrived!  Beignets were on the menu again so we all ordered them!


The kids hop in on whatever photo op they can get

1605-23508621-Classic CL Donald F 4 FWD-30958_GPR

After all that laughter and a full belly, we went to enjoy the music of Ed Harvey.  Ed has been on the ship since we got on and his voice is amazing!


Every night the kids would bring Ed some bottled water.  They really loved him and Ed would always tell us how kind and mannerly our kids were when we bumped into him around the ship.


Kids are off doing their own thing and it’s time for this Momma to sit back, relax and have a glass of wine.


When Bria went to bed, Maison & Brody went to Vibe to do some Haunted Mansion Family Portraits.  They turned our pretty cool!



This was the towel creature in Jim & Tanya’s room and I thought it was hilarious


Tomorrow we are off to Castaway Cay.  This will be our 4th time visiting the island and we love it!