Castaway Cay, Bahamas

Sailing towards Castaway Cay is the best feeling ever!  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your 10th!  Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island and its a little piece of paradise that we really enjoy.  Only thing that made me sad this morning was knowing it was our last day on the cruise.

First thing I did this morning was head to the Disney Vacation Planning desk on deck 4 to book our next Disney Cruise.  We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to go so we put down a placeholder.  A placeholder is a deposit on a future cruise and you pick the destination and date later.  By booking a placeholder, you get 10% off and an on board credit.

Ok, back to Castaway.  Sailing towards the island


We usually head to the top deck while sailing in but today we went to deck 4 instead.  Enjoying my favorite peaceful!


20180207_084815 Time to go find the kids and get off the ship!


It was cloudy when we arrived but the sun was coming later morning.  We got off and picked up our towels.  Stitch was on the run and up to his badness.  He was throwing his towel on whoever he seen, including Natalie, our Cruise Director.


He had to give Bria a hug of course, they were great friends by the end of our trip!


  Chip & Dale was at the Post Office so we stopped to get the kids backpacks signed and some pictures.  When the Post Office is open, you can actually buy a stamp and send a letter.  We did that on our last cruise.


1605-23525660-Post Office-30845_GPR1605-23525658-Post Office-30845_GPR


Lots of photo ops on Castaway Cay

1605-23521598-Fresh Catch-30843_GPR


Lots of character meets, the locations and times are in the Navigator.  I love meeting the characters on the beach!





You can walk to the beach or take the tram.  There is a family beach or an adult only beach.

20180207_095909 We always walk and here are a few snaps along the way

One advantage of the smaller ships…lots of chairs!


Maison found his spot.  He was also very proud of his backpack.  This was a gift he received in the Fish Extender and he been getting character signatures.


Sis is ready to hit the beach



Bria loves to play in the sand.  Today was my first Surrogate baby’s 2nd birthday so she was making him something in the sand.

Maison was heading for a swim

Ship photographer’s are roaming around the beach and it makes for some great memories.  We always get them to take some pictures of us.



We went for lunch at Cookies.  This is a BBQ style buffet on the island…so good!

We relaxed for a bit while the kids played.  We walked over to our favorite place to get a great view of the ship.


This side of the beach has a lot of shells

We always get a family picture taken here



Back to the ship


I hope the ship gets some fuel before we leave haha!


When we got back to our stateroom, there was a gift for the kids on our bed.


Claudia from Guest Services was amazing.  She sent the kids some trading pins from her own collection


It’s our tradition to head to the top when we sail away…it’s always sad because we know we are coming to the end of our adventure.

Until next time…


I’m going to miss the amazing sunsets



My happy place



We took all our magnets off the door but we had to leave the ears, I hate having a bare door.


The last night of our cruise is always a little sad.  We have to say our good-byes to so many amazing people.

Here is Sam, our Stateroom host.  He was so sweet!


Our cruise would not have been the same without our photographers.  The one on the left was from Montreal and he was super happy that we brought him some chocolate bars from Canada.  They captured so many amazing memories for us!

Our last photo shoot of the trip

1605-23577093-C Stairs 3 MS-30811_GPR

1605-23577095-C Stairs 3 MS-30811_GPR

Our final Dinner…It’s always so sad.

Our head Server, Kendell.  He was so nice and we made sure to let him know how much we loved our dining team!


Last night, I asked Ida if he would do me one last favor.  I have always heard of Strawberry soup from Palo.  A few years ago it was removed from the menu.  I asked him if he can work some magic.  Here is my Strawberry Soup and it was delicious!  Now I understand what all the rave was about!


Enjoying their last meal of Mac & Cheese and Steak

Kerry ordered 1 dessert and then he ordered 2 more

One last trick and as you can see, Kerry clearly finished his desserts!


Oh how we will miss this guy.  He had such a sweet and caring soul.  He loved to make us laugh, treated the kids so good and made sure we left the dining room every night happy and with a full belly!  The service he provided will he hard to top on future sailings!


Andrew got called away so we are going to see him in the morning!

We were so happy we bumped into Jeff.  He was the very first Cast Member we met at the terminal in San Juan and we always had nice chats during the cruise.   He was also very happy with his Canadian Chocolate we brought him!


Bria went to say good-bye to Claudia and Aurélien at Guest Services.  Claudia and Bria were huge Stitch fans and they became great friends over the last 11 days.  Aurélien was earning his ears when we first boarded and now he was working on his own and doing a wonderful job!  Bria would talk to him in French as he was from France so Claudia challenged her to learn Spanish for when she came back on the Wonder again.  We will miss them!

I have sailed with these ladies on 3 cruises…such a small world!


Bria saying her good-byes to her friend Lexi


While we were saying our goodbyes, Maison was at the Vibe seeing his friends.  He really enjoyed his time there.


and there you have it!  The end of our incredible cruise.  I don’t have anything negative to say about this trip.  It was absolutely AMAZING!

1605-23577096-C Stairs 3 MS-30811_GPR

Tomorrow another adventure awaits!  The Roo’s are off to Walt Disney World!