Sea Day


It was a gorgeous day at Sea!  The sun was shining and it was a day to relax!  The word relax don’t usually belong in my category but I was looking forward to enjoying the fresh air on deck 10.

We started the day with a Character Breakfast.  This is a free ticketed event that you can book online before your cruise or you can head to Guest services when you board the ship as they always keep extras.  I would go right away though as it is limited seating and only available on sea days.

We had reservations for 8:30 and it was held at Animator’s Palate.  We were quickly seated and our servers made hats for everyone to wear.

We had a look at the menu and ordered our breakfast…

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto were making their way around to each table.  They would stop for photos but you had to use your own camera, they didn’t have any ship photographers with them.

Here is what Bria and I had. Can you guess what one is Bria’s?

Next up…Our Disney Friends came to say Hi

We really loved this breakfast as it was a first for us on the cruise. After breakfast we were ready to head to deck 10.

The kids left Animator’s Palate before us adults and we ended up bumping into them on Deck 4 playing shuffleboard.

The kids went to meet Black Widow at 9:45

1604-23111968-Marvel MV Black Widow 4 MS-30879_GPR

Kerry and I went for a stroll and then it was off to relax and catch a few rays!


I can stay on deck 10 all day.  Its hot but you always get that nice breeze.

The kids met up with us and they were heading to the pool and the waterslide.

She met up with her friend, Lexi and they went on the waterslide

Kerry and I grabbed some pizza from deck and ate there.  The kids were on their own but they later told me they ate pizza as well along with a few ice cream cones.

Kerry and Maison were going to see a movie in the Walt Disney Theatre at 1:45.  Star Wars, The Last Jedi was playing and they couldn’t wait to see it.  Bria and I didn’t go as that’s not quite our thing.  Bria played in the pool for another hour and then we went shopping. Girls gotta shop right? We also stopped to say Hi to Stitch along the way.

Tonight was semi-formal night on the ship and I couldn’t think about doing my hair so I called Senses Spa to see if I can get an hair appointment.  They had an opening at 4pm and I took it.  The lady on the phone asked me if I was from Newfoundland because she recognized my accent haha!

Senses Spa is so amazing.  The staff on this ship is always so friendly and welcoming.  I went for my hair appointment while Bria waited for the boys to get back from the movie.  When I came back to our room, Kerry was out doing laundry.

We had some treats left on our bed while we were out.  We got Pixie Dusted from one of the cast members20180131_164952

It was so nice on our verandah in the evenings

Tonight in the Walt Disney Theatre was Frozen, A Musical Spectacular.  I couldn’t wait to see this show as it was new.


The show was AMAZING!  Again, we are not allowed to take photo’s in the theatre so you will have to check it out for yourself! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Of course we had more family photo’s taken tonight…

1604-23133639-F Stairs 3 MS-30680_GPR

1604-23133637-F Stairs 3 MS-30680_GPR 1604-23134416-F Royal Black 3 Starboard-30679_GPR

1604-23138852-F Disney Mickey Ears 3 Port-30678_GPR

Tonight’s dinner was in Triton’s and it was Lobster night for me…yum!

1604-23144347-C Tritons-30685_GPR

Ship photographer’s hang out at the restaurants and come to your table

and our amazing friends

1604-23144647-C Tritons-30685_GPR

I always get Lobster on Semi-formal night

Dessert anyone?

We had another wonderful meal on the Disney Wonder and the service just keeps getting better!

After dinner we seen a few characters

After we were done with pictures the kids went on their merry way and us adults went to Crown & Fin Pub in the adult area for a glass of wine

Your sea day can be as busy or slow as you like.  The navigator has tons of activities for all ages.

Tomorrow we are in Bonaire and our excursion is making me nervous!  Should we cancel or not?  You will have to see what happens!