Disney Wonder- Embarkation



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The day finally arrived and I was one step closer to seeing St. Lucia!!  We were up bright & early and ready to start our big adventure…11 nights on The Disney Wonder!  We started the day with breakfast at our hotel with Jim, Tanya and Brody.  Then it was time to call a taxi to take us to the port.  I couldn’t believe the time was here.  We were all beyond excited at this point and waited outside our hotel.


We requested 2 taxi’s as there were 7 of us with 14 pieces of luggage.  Well 1 mini van showed up and claimed he can fit all of us with all the luggage hahahaha!  We knew that wasn’t going to happen!

and then it happen…

 8 people, 14 pieces of luggage and 1 van dragging the ground.  Apparently it was “safe” according to our driver.  I was sitting in Kerry’s lap while the kids were like sardine’s and Jim was sitting comfortably in the front (again LOL).

Our Port arrival time was 11:30 and we headed over around 10:45.  We honestly didn’t know if we were going to make it in that van because it was literally scraping the pavement.

There is no greater feeling than pulling up to a port and there is a Disney ship awaiting your arrival.

This was our first time sailing on The Wonder so we were all thrilled.  We didn’t know what to expect for the check-in process as we usually sail out of Port Canaveral.


Our amazing taxi driver/miracle worker dropped us off and we proceeded to the line up with our luggage.  We were in the line about 15 minutes but it was moving quickly.

We dropped our bags just before the security checkpoint.  Here they checked our passports and we then proceeded to the scanning area (similar to the airport).  There were no lines here and it went really quick.  Next up was check-in. We only waited in line for a few minutes and we went to check-in.  Here they check your passports, have you fill out a medical questionnaire, get your photo taken, get your Navigator (this shows what’s happening on the ship) and pick up your Key to the World Card. This is the card you use on the ship to unlock your stateroom door, to make purchases, it states your dining rotation, etc.  If you are a returning cruiser, you get a lanyard.  Next up…TO THE SHIP


Just as we entered the boarding area there were photo-ops so of course we had to stop for pictures.


Next there was a line for a Character picture and Goofy was in the spotlight.  We waited in line for about 5-10 minutes.  While we were waiting we met our first Cast Member and his name was Jeff from Canada.

We always get to know some of the cast members and Jeff ended up being one of them.  We would always bump into him throughout the cruise and he really enjoyed chatting with some East Coast people as he was from New Brunswick and we were from Newfoundland.

It was our turn to meet Goofy…

When you check in, you get a boarding card with a number.  While we were getting photo’s with Goofy they were already boarding groups 1 and 2.  We were in group 6 and by the time we got to the end of the building it was boarding time.  DCL had their ship photographer’s here so you know what happen next…

1604-22990754-Embrk Terminal-30696_GPR

Excited much?!?

Off to the ship we go…


It’s 12:00pm and we are here!  The very first thing we do when we board the ship is get our family photo taken in the Atrium by the statue.  This ship’s atrium is based on The Little Mermaid and it was beautiful.  I am a huge Ariel fan so I was pretty thrilled to have her as the statue.


So many memories were about to be made!


Staterooms aren’t ready until 1:30pm so we usually go for lunch while we wait. We all got in the elevator and headed to Cabanas on deck 9.  This is a buffet style restaurant and I couldn’t wait to get some Mickey’s Mac & Cheese and crab legs.  Kerry was on the hunt for Prime rib as usual (his fave). We also have the option to go to Triton’s. This is one of the main dining rooms and its a sit down lunch but we stuck with buffet.

    The Kids enjoying lunch

Miss Bria found the ice cream station and some of us adults found some pretty beverages!

It’s now 1:30 and our staterooms are ready!  Off we go to check it out.  Jim and Tanya were a few doors down from us so that worked out great!


We were in room 6112 Aft.  It was an amazing location as it was near the elevator’s and a few decks up was Cabanas and the pool area.  Here are photo’s of our home for the next 11 nights.  We had split bathroom’s, one with a tub/shower and a sink while the other one had a toilet and sink.  We had a smaller verandah this time but it was a perfect place for me to do my early morning journaling.

Here is our Castaway Club gift, every returning customer receives a gift.  Different levels get different item’s.  We are currently a Silver member.


Our travel agent left us a few treats.  2 Rainforest passes (this is a room at the spa and I will explain this later) and a cheese platter.  We also got $200.00 cash for being returning clients…amazing right?

Next, we went to have a look around the ship and check out the kid’s clubs.  Bria was able to use the Oceaneer’s Club so we went to have a look.  They had an open house and this is the only time you are allowed to take pictures while in there.  Bria didn’t end up going here but here are a few pictures:

Next up was The Edge.  This area is for 11-13 years olds.  Bria, Maison and Brody would go here after we ate supper.

Last but not least…Vibe!  This is the teenager club.  You have to be 14 to go there but with parental consent 13 yr olds can go.  Maison really enjoyed this space on the ship.


On Sail away day on a Disney Cruise, Senses Spa does a raffle and you can win some pretty cool prizes.  We did a tour of the Spa but we didn’t win (we had better luck on the next sailing…stay tuned).  The staff in the Spa was amazing.  They all knew my name by the end of the cruise haha! Here are just a few pictures I took while on the tour

After the Spa Raffle we walked around to check out the ship a little more.  I love the size of the Classic ships.  Maison wanted to check out the movie list as he was really excited to see Star Wars.

 Bria bumped into Cinderella as we were strolling around



Next up was the Safety Drill.  This is a mandatory drill for every passenger on the ship and I mean EVERYONE.  If you don’t show up they will find you.  Every cabin is assigned to a designated area (you can find your location on you KTTW card or the back of your stateroom door) and you have to meet there with everyone in your stateroom present.  They will scan your card for attendance.  This drill is approximately 15 minutes, if everyone shows up on time.



Our sail away party was 4:45pm on deck 9.  This is the official countdown to vacation.  There is a dance party and a lot of the characters make an appearance.  We love this as it really sets the mood for vacation.  Once the countdown is finished the Captain will sound the Disney horn and you are on your way.

1604-22997606-Sail Away-30697_GPR

1604-22997602-Sail Away-30697_GPR

I always try the Drink of the Day at sail away.  Today’s drink was Bay Breeze or you can get the Non-Alcoholic one which was Princess Delight.  I went with Bay Breeze!


After the deck party we went back to our room and our luggage had arrived.  It usually arrives between 3-5pm.  We got ready for Supper and went to take a few pictures before the show.

The boy’s had a little photo shoot of their own that we knew nothing about.  They turned out AMAZING!

Every Disney ship has mind blowing Broadway style shows.  It is one of the highlights for me on the cruise.  They are shown in the Walt Disney Theatre at 6:15 and again at 8:30.  You aren’t allowed to take photo’s of the show so you will have to book a cruise to know what I’m talking about.  Tonight’s show was “Be our Guest! Welcome aboard show” and it was beyond spectacular!

After the show we stopped by the shops because Miss Bria was looking for a Stitch and guess what? 20180128_195013

Next up was Dinner.  We were on the late seating of 8:15pm.  We much prefer late because when you have port days you don’t have to rush.  It just works better for our family.  Our first dining room on our rotation was Triton’s.  It’s based off The Little Mermaid and it was beautiful.  We were anxious to meet our servers because I had requested 2 that I read amazing reviews on.  With luck on our side we got them.  Ida Bagus and Andrew were going to be taking care of us for our cruise and I was hoping they were going to be as good as what the reviews had said.

Maison said he wanted to try Escargot on this cruise and he lucked out with it being on the menu on the first night.  Anyone who knows Maison know that he’s not a one to try new things…especially snails haha!

Lets see how it goes…

He is NEVER eating that again!  I thought for sure he was going to barf!  He ordered a steak and was a happy boy afterwards haha!

Kerry and I sure enjoyed ours!

Miss Bria was not feeling well.  The sea was pretty rough and the dining room was near empty.  Thank goodness it was gone the next morning.

First night with our servers and we couldn’t be happier.  They were the best we’ve had yet and we have had some pretty amazing servers!  They did some tricks with the kids and they loved them.  We were off to a great start!

We asked our servers to pose for a picture…


Last but not least…Dessert!


This was a long day and so much happened.  After we finished in the dining room we went back to our room and we had some gift’s in our Fish Extender, I will explain what that is on another post.

Bria went to bed and Maison was somewhere…he loves the freedom on the cruise.  Kerry and I unpacked our suitcases and went to bed!

Tomorrow we are in Antiqua and heading to the beach!