Welcome to our family adventures!  We are a family of 4 who love to travel! A huge part of us is Disney Cruising!  We have done 5 Disney cruises and Walt Disney World numerous times.  This blog will show our Disney side but I will also toss in a few family trips we do in the homeland!


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The Roo’s Cruise to Newfoundland

This summer we took a cruise!  It wasn’t our typical 7-night Caribbean Cruise but we had to take a boat to get to where we were going.   This year our family vacation took us back home to the island of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.   We spent almost a month visiting family,  touring parts of the island and best of all…making endless memories.

Here is our Cruise Ship aka passenger/vehicle ferry.  I will tell you all about it under my Newfoundland trip report


Click on the photo to read about our journey home!

Magic Kingdom

No matter how many times I go to Florida, I visit Magic Kingdom!  There is just something about walking down Main Street towards the castle that gets me every time.  We just finished a 11 day Disney Cruise but I had to squeeze in a visit to see the castle!  We didn’t rush around too much, used our FastPasses for the rides we wanted and enjoyed the fireworks show!  It was the perfect ending to our 19 day vacation!

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