Club Bell

Thursday night was fast approaching and our friends at the Canadian Tire Centre had a special treat for us.  I didn’t know how they could make our experience there any better but we were about to find out.  We received our tickets in an email and our seats were in Club Bell.  First off, what was Club Bell?  I’m not going to lie, I had to use my good pal Google to find out.

Club Bell is first-class service.  It includes 1-way valet parking, all-inclusive food & beverages and it has its very own entrance.  We were beyond excited to experience Club Bell but how did we deserve all this special treatment?!?  How will we ever be able to thank all the people involved in this special night?

March 28th, 2019 we were on our way to Kanata.  Maison was joining us tonight.  He doesn’t usually come to Ottawa for Bria’s chemo trips but tonight was special and we really needed a night out as a family.

We arrived…


We didn’t know where to go for valet parking, it was our first time using valet service.  Growing up in outport Newfoundland, everyone knew each other and if you wanted someone to park your car, you just ask someone. Valet for us growing was only in movies.  We pulled up and were greeted by two gentlemen wearing very fine suits and sporting a bowtie.  We were greeted with a smile and they took our car away for parking.

We walked into the Club Bell entrance and we were greeted by our friend, Bill, who may have had a huge part in this experience.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  Bria was a little excited and she didn’t even know where we were headed.


Maison was getting an amazing experience, we were so glad he joined in the fun!


Next, we were greeted by Mr. Scott Taylor.  He also played a role in tonight’s experience.  Mr. Taylor is the manager of Indigo Parking and very kindly arranged our valet experience.  He is very kind and was honored to meet Bria.


Bria brought a little gift for her friend.  I feel like we owe him the world for all he has done for our family and the amazing experiences we have seen in the world of Hockey.


Off we go to find our table for supper.  Can you believe this?  We were so surprised when we arrived at our table!


The Director of Premium Services, Carol, welcomed us to Club Bell with the sweetest smile and the biggest hug.  She came to visit us at our table a few times to make sure we had everything we needed, which we did!

20190328_181126 Team Bria was growing so fast


Our waiter, Erin was so kind to us.  I thought I was on a Disney Cruise with the level of service that Club Bell offered.  Erin read about Bria’s journey that day and she was so excited that she was assigned to our table.


Here is our table, I didn’t even know what to say. This was simply incredible!


Treats and sweets everywhere.  Bria and Maison were on cloud 9!

We had quite the view from our table

Bria was loving it!

At Club Bell the food is endless!  It’s an all you can eat buffet and the selections are amazing. There is a huge selection of healthy choices along with your hockey game favorites.  I didn’t get a picture of the food selection because there were a lot of people enjoying their time and I didn’t want to interrupt.  Here is a glimpse of a few of the snack stations, which we did visit!

 The kids were really enjoying their pizza!

If you want chicken fingers too, you get chicken fingers! Like I said, we thought we were sailing on a Disney Cruise.


We met up with our amazing friend Kelsey.  She took us to see the zamboni so Maison could check it out.



Up close and personal for the singing of our National Anthem


Let the game begin!  Ottawa Senators vs. Florida Panthers


We had amazing seats in Club Bell

Our friend Bill came for a visit and brought along Mr. Tom Conroy for us to meet.  Mr. Conroy is the Vice President & Executive Director of Senators Sports & Entertainment.  What an incredible down to earth person.  Everybody in this building makes you feel at home.


Of course, I had to have a group picture.  It amazes me how we went to a hockey game and it all lead to these incredible individuals learning about Bria’s journey and supporting her as we go.


We love this next picture, these memories would not be in Bria’s book without this guy!


Out and about checking out the place!


During the second intermission, the buffet turns into a dessert line.  Every dessert you could ever imagine!  Neither of us was hungry after that amazing supper we had but of course, we had to try it!


Back to the third period! We had such great seats!


Bria deep in thought, I wonder what she was thinking about?


Nothing like a little fight!

We left our seats just before the game ended.  Bill came to get us as we had another special person to meet.  We walked into a room and there was a lady standing there with the most genuine smile.  Bria didn’t know at first who she was but once we gave her a little clue, she was smiling ear to ear.  We met her incredible husband at a previous game and we heard so many great things about her as well.  Obviously, The Borowiecki’s were an amazing pair!  Tara gave Bria the biggest hug, its moments like this that make my heart smile.


We went for a little walk and we bumped into Mark.  I’m not sure who had the biggest smile, Bria or Mark.  When Bria met Mark at the last game, he left a huge impact on her.  He told her he was honored to meet her and she was important.  He told her that she was brave and strong.  Hearing this from an NHL player was a big deal for a child.  She looks up to him and he also looks up to her.


Bria went to the dressing room where she was greeted with more smiles and hugs.  Brady Thachuk always makes time for Bria.  He is such a sweet guy!


Maison was very excited to meet him as well.  His smile says it all!


Bill had a special treat for Bria


I love this image…it speaks volumes


The sweetest gift!


Mark Borowiecki wasn’t done yet, he took so much of his time to spend with the kids.  This meant so much to Maison.  Maison hasn’t attended many games because he isn’t able to tolerate crowds as it makes him very anxious. This one on one with Mark was just what he needed to complete his night.  Maison really appreciated it and will remember it forever.  Maison even asked us for a jersey with #74 on it for next season because he will be cheering on the Sens again.


This right here is priceless…look at their faces!


This picture is so special to us!


Our nightly visit to the player’s bench! We were so glad to have Abi with us tonight and have her on Team Bria.

Every night at the Canadian Tire Centre requires a little skipping


No one will ever know how much I appreciate all the love we have received inside of this building.  As a Mom of a child going through cancer, it really does my heart good to see all the smiles on Bria’s face and most importantly, all the smiles she puts on everyone’s face.  So many people have had a huge impact on Bria and I think it’s safe to say that she is also impacting lives is such a positive way with her strength and courage.

Tonight was a night of memories and we are beyond grateful for every person who played a role in this adventure of ours.

We are off to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare for tomorrow’s chemotherapy.

Hakuna Matata!