Port Canaveral, Florida

“Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened!”

Our cruise has come to an end!  We made so many memories and had the best time.  We spent 11 nights on the Disney Wonder and I couldn’t be more satisfied with everything and everyone on board!

It was a gorgeous morning in port


We were up and ready to go to breakfast at 7:00, Maison wasn’t ready to get off the ship.  He was actually dreading it because he didn’t want to leave his best friend, Brody.

20180208_064740  On Debarkation day, you have the option to attend the dining room you ate in the night before. If you had early dining on your cruise, you catch the early breakfast at 6:45,7:00 or 7:15 depending on what restaurant it is. If you had late dining, breakfast is served at 8:00, 8:15 or 8:30. You can get the times on you Debarkation sheet that is on your bed the night before. You also have the option to eat at Cabana’s or Cove Café for the adults.  We were going to the dining room for 8am but we didn’t think we would have enough time because we were getting the Magical Express to Walt Disney World.  We went to Cabana’s and had a quick breakfast.

We went back to our room to say goodbye to Sam and then headed to the dining room to say goodbye to Andrew, our server.  It was such a sad moment, we all cried!

20180208_074857 Next, we had to say our “see you later” to Jim, Tanya and Brody.  This was a snotty mess!  All 3 of the kids were crying and I’m sure us adults looked worst than the kids.  They had such an amazing time together and it’s so good to create friendships like we have with this family.


one last picture before we got off


Here is a little info about the Debarkation process that happens on your Disney Cruise.  Its very simple!

You have a few options when it comes to your luggage. You can do an express walk-off where you simply take your luggage yourself and debark the ship once it has been cleared by local authorities.

If you don’t want to lug all your luggage off the ship yourself (I can’t Imagine doing this with all that I pack), Disney will take care of it, but you have an important role to play.  On the last night of you cruise, you will find luggage tags on your bed.  These tags will be character, color coded.  Place these tags on your luggage and remember your character.  You have to place all your luggage outside your stateroom before 10:30pm and your room attendant will get it off the ship for you.  Only keep back what you need like pj’s, toiletries and clothes for the next morning. I have seen people get off in their pj’s because all their clothes was in their luggage they put out the night before.  Also, keep valuables and any important document that you will need for Customs.

When you debark the ship, everyone in your cabin will need their Key to the World card as you have to scan one last time to get off.  You then proceed to the luggage area and this is where you need to remember you character.  There are different areas for different characters and it makes it so easy to find your luggage.  There are Porters there to carry your luggage if you need them and don’t forget to tip.  Funny thing was, we had the same guy for our last 2 cruises and he picks up our Newfoundland accent every time and tells us the story about when he went there.   The Porter will then guide you to U.S Customs and Border Protection.  Here you will hand in your customs card, show your passports and then you are on your way.  We usually rent a car or we have had our own car but this time we booked the Magical Express.  We thought since we were going directly to the Disney Resort and staying there, we didn’t need a car.  Our Porter took us directly to the bus and our luggage was loaded.  We got on and waited for our departure.  It’s always fun when you leave the ship and another adventure awaits!


 We are on our way!  See ya Real Soon Disney Wonder!


  Walt Disney World here we come…

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