Old San Juan

I’ve always heard Old San Juan was beautiful so we had to check it out.  After visiting The Fort we took a short walk to Old San Juan.  It really reminded me of St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Maison said a few times it reminded him of back home.  We didn’t really have any plans so we just walked the streets and was on the hunt for a good restaurant for lunch.

We visited lots of tiny shops along the streets. Bria was on the hunt for a bracelet that had Puerto Rico on it because she was going to try and get one from every port we visited.

The blue and white house in the back of this picture is the governor’s house.  The street was closed and had these 2 guards there.  We stopped for a picture and Jim asked them if they could recommend a good place to eat.  They told us Barrachina was the place to go!

We took their word for it and went to check it out.  We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table so that was a good sign that is was good.  We quickly learned that this was the birthplace of The Pina Colada.  Now who don’t love a good Pina Colada?  The Pina Colada was created here in 1963.


We were seated and of course quickly ordered a Pina Colada.


So good!

The menu was great and very reasonable.  The portion size was huge!


Maison thought they did well with the amount of bacon on his burger!  I had a Chicken Sandwich and it was delicious!  I would recommend this restaurant if you are visiting Old San Juan.

There were 2 parrots outside Barrachina’s and one of them did not like Maison.  I have never seen a parrot react or try to attack like this one did when he seen him.  He didn’t do it to anyone else but he was really out to get Maison haha!

Next up was more exploring.  We walked some more and visited some more shops.


We had a wonderful day and we all want to go back to Old San Juan again some day to do a little more exploring.  We got an Uber back to our side of town and got dropped off near Walmart.  We needed a few last minute items for the cruise.

After we did our shopping we walked back to our hotel, that was interesting!  We met up with some more of our old cruise buddies at the hotel that we met on our last cruise.  We were sailing with 4 families on this cruise that we sailed with before.  Here is Bria and Lexi, they were friends on the last cruise and kept in contact via FaceTime.  We love our big Disney Family!


Next up…Disney Wonder