San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today we are going to explore San Juan!  I woke up around 6:00am and it was raining buckets.  The forecast was calling for rain and it wasn’t looking good for our outdoor adventures.  I got the crew up at 8:00am and headed upstairs for breakfast with the crew.

After breakfast we got an Uber (pro’s now) and headed out for an adventure.  All 7 of us piled in a vehicle that was way to small for us.  The kid’s were more than squat together but Jim had a comfortable ride in the front hahaha!   Our driver didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Spanish so it was a quiet ride.  The rain had held up but we had a little shower as we were heading to the Forts and then out came Mr. Sun.  Our ride cost $12.00 so that was pretty cheap!

As you can see the damages were crazy as we were driving and I’m pretty sure our driver took a back road that we could barely fit through.

San Felipe del Morro Fortress

We arrived at this World Heritage Site and the views were breathtaking.  Generations of Soldiers have lived and worked within the forts.  The architecture in the building of this site was beyond amazing.

We walked around for a few hours and took in all the sights.  I may have taken a few snaps along the way.


The Three amigos were having a blast exploring!

Had to stop for a few pictures

Simply amazing!  I would highly recommend visiting this site if you are in San Juan.

Next stop…Old San Juan