San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today is the end of our Southern Caribbean adventure.  It is so exciting when it’s time to get off but know you are returning very shortly.  This was our first time doing a back-to-back cruise and we really didn’t know what to expect.  We managed to get the same stateroom for both sailings so that was easy.  We just left everything in the room as it was and went for breakfast.



We were given instructions the night before on the back-to-back process.  We had to meet in the Walt Disney Theatre and wait to be escorted off the ship.


The process is really simple.  We disembarked the ship and went to the check-in counter.  We had to show passports and fill out the health questionnaire.  They gave us a new boarding card but we didn’t need it because we were the first group back on the ship.  We got our new Key to the World cards, new lanyards and our Navigator.  Off we go!  We had to wait a few extra minutes as their was technical issues but we were back on and ready to start the next part of our journey.  On a regular sailing, you aren’t allowed to your stateroom until 1:30pm but we were told we can go to our room as it would be the first ones cleaned.

We went to the atrium and it was empty, so we took a few pictures.

It’s now time to enjoy our 4-night repositioning cruise back to Port Canaveral, Florida.