Sea Day

Today we are on cruise control!

After a busy week of exploring these amazing Caribbean Islands, we are going to have a little fun today on the ship. Now I didn’t say we were going to be bored or relax, just enjoying some amazing onboard activities that Disney Cruise Line offers. I was up and waiting for the crew to get up, 8:30am and they are still sleeping!


Today for breakfast we decided to skip buffet at Cabana’s. Every day you have the option to eat at the buffet or eat at one of the Main dining rooms. You can find out where breakfast is being served on your Navigator. Today it was at Triton’s from 8:00-930am. We headed there around 9am and was quickly seated. It was nice for a change as it was very quiet and slow paced.



After our delicious breakfast, we headed to the Promenade Lounge.  At 9:45 there was a Cast Member showing us how to do some Disney Animation.  Today’s character was Stitch so you know we had to go!


After the kids finished up their drawing, we headed to Azure.  At night, this is an adult only area but in the day it’s where we play…


This was our first time ever playing Bingo on a Disney Cruise.  It was on my cruise bucket list so we were off to give it a try.


The kids were so excited to play.  Kids are allowed to play as long as there is an adult with them to claim the prize.

The entertainment crew on this ship was beyond amazing and made everything so much fun.  Things started to get a little intense for the kids

Bria was so close to winning but no such luck.  We had so much fun and we will make this one of our cruise traditions!

After Bingo, Bria and I had tickets for the Princess Gathering in the Atrium.  This is a free ticketed event and I would suggest getting these tickets when you do your online check-in before you set sail.  If you are unable to get them prior, head to guest services when you board the ship as they always hold back some extra’s.  We arrived and first up was Tiana

1604-23265569-P Gathering P Tiana 3 MS-30929_GPR

Next up…Cinderella

1604-23265848-P Gathering P Cinderella 3 MS-30928_GPR of my Favorites

1604-23266046-P Gathering P Ariel 3 MS-30926_GPR

This wasn’t the first encounter with Ariel this week and she remembered Bria. She was quite chatty and fun!

1604-23266050-P Gathering P Ariel 3 MS-30926_GPR

Last but not least was Belle!  Everyone loves Belle right?

1604-23266088-Princesses P Belle 4 FWD-30904_GPR

Bria’s friend Lexi was walking by and hopped in on a picture…sweet memories

1604-23266128-Princesses P Belle 4 FWD-30904_GPR

After a busy morning, it was now lunch time.  Off to Cabana’s we go!

Our amazing travel agent gave us passes to the Rainforest room at Senses Spa. This afternoon was the perfect time to go and relax!  The Rainforest Room is a special area at the spa where you can enjoy heated loungers (to die for), tropical showers or the sauna. You can purchase these passes prior to your cruise for $16 USD…so worth it. We do this on every sailing!

   We wasn’t the only one who wanted to relax.  Went back to the room and Miss Bria was having a nap.


On every sailing we pick one movie to watch as a family.  This year we picked Coco.  It came out before our cruise but we decided this would be the one.  It was playing at 5:30pm in the Buena Vista Theatre in 3D.


AMAZING movie!  We all enjoyed it so much!

Tonight was Officer Pin Trading at Preludes.  For anyone new to Disney, there are thousands and thousands of pins to collect.  There are sets you can build and attending a pin trading event is a great opportunity to look for the pins you need.  Maison was big into Pin Trading on this cruise and he was on the hunt for a few pins to complete his set.



Captain Robert was doing a signing at Preludes tonight so we had go and say hello!


After a jam packed day at sea, we were all ready to relax at Tiana’s Place for dinner.  We were really excited about tonight’s dessert menu…stay tuned!


We love the band at Tiana’s


Everything in this restaurant is so pretty

Here was my choices for tonight…sooo good!

and of course Kerry had prime rib


The atmosphere at Tiana’s is outstanding!  So much energy from everyone!


Did someone say DESSERT???


We have been waiting all week to try Tiana’s Beignets and just look at the first thing on the menu…eeekkkkk!

Just look at these little pieces of heaven!  They were even better than I expected!


Jim & Tanya were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so we had to celebrate!  Amazing couple!


After we were all stuffed from Beignets, we met up with Mickey for a few pictures

 Bria made a friend at guest services so we had to stop by to say “hi”


Tonight was the last night of our first cruise.  At this very moment I was so happy that we were doing a back-to-back cruise.  We stopped by the Atrium to see the “Til We Meet Again” show.  We didn’t pay close attention as we were gonna wait until the next cruise to see it!

Off to bed!  What an amazing day at sea!  So much to see and do!  Here is our towel art from Sam tonight


Tomorrow we are back in Puerto Rico to begin our next adventure…4 Day Eastern Cruise back to Port Canaveral, Florida!