Castries, St. Lucia

“Bon Jour Sar ka fette?”

EEEEEKKKKKKKKK…It’s St. Lucia DAY!  I don’t know why but I am so happy this day is here!  I literally got up at “stupid o’clock” and sat on my verandah as we were sailing to this bucket list item of mine!  I just couldn’t wait to see the Pitons.

 We went to Cabanas for breakfast and I was literally too excited to eat!

When we booked this cruise, I knew I wanted to see as much of St. Lucia as I could. I had been doing a lot of research and anyone who knows me know that I just don’t book a cruise and that’s it, I want it to be perfect!  We had narrowed it down to a few Land & Sea options and after chatting to one of my cruise friends Kelly, we all decided that Spencer Ambrose Tours of St. Lucia was the best for what we wanted.  I quickly messaged Tanya to see if they wanted to join us and they did…I was so excited and we all booked it right away.

Our excursion was at 8:30am and we had to arrive 10 minutes prior to departure.  We got off the ship at 8:00am and made our way to Spencer’s.  There was a lady holding a sign and very easy to find.

We checked in and paid the remaining balance.  When you book online, you have to pay a small fee of $10USD to reserve your spot.  We were told to stand and wait for further instructions.

Bria took a few pictures

We were instructed to head over to the wharf where our speedboat was going to pick us up.  Spencer was there and had a few word’s to say and asked Maison if he wanted to be the Captain of our boat.

It was time to start our adventure.  We departed from Castries harbor.

We took a 25 minute speedboat ride to Soufriere.  St. Lucia has such a pretty coastline.

We stopped at Bat Cave along the way.  This was a 4-story high cliff and it had thousands of “Fisherman’s Bats.”  All I heard was squeaking and I was ready to get out of there as I’m not a fan of Bats!

We kept going and here it was…THE PITON MOUNTAINS!

 The Piton Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rise approximately 2600 feet above the sea.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

We were arriving at our village of Soufriere.

It had amazing views of the Piton Mountains

From here we were guided to our air-conditioned van.  We were greeted by our driver and our tour guide, Kelly.

We took a drive up to the mountains and arrived at Sulphur Springs Park.  If anyone knows what the smell of Sulphur is like, you will know when you arrived.  The not-so-amazing smell of rotten eggs was in the air.  We brought nose plugs for the kids because we read a few reviews that the smell was horrible and Maison don’t do well with bad smells.

Our tour guide led us to an area to place our towels and footwear.  Kelly, our tour guide took my cell phone to capture our photo’s and I was so happy she did!  Next, it was time for a Sulphur mud bath.  I was excited but also thinking “why do I do this stuff?” haha!

Here we go…off to take a hot sulphur mud bath.  I’m pretty sure the kids must think I’m crazy for booking such an adventure.  They will thank me some day for all the things I made them do haha! Jim and Tanya must have been thinking “why did we agree with this lady” LOL!!

Okay people, this is seriously AMAZING!  The black water is filled with volcanic materials and its seriously the BEST for your skin. They say it makes you look 12 years younger…let’s see what happens haha!


As you can see, Maison isn’t wearing his nose plug.  The smell wasn’t too bad and he was tolerating it quite well. After you spend time relaxing in the hot bath, you get out and cover yourself in mud, yes MUD! This was so much fun!


MUD! There were bucket’s of it and I mean who don’t like playing in mud?

My favorite was the black stuff…you can draw on yourself or the kids!


After we were done playing in the mud we got back in the hot bath again.  I could have stayed here all day!

There are showers and change rooms available but our tour guide insisted we trust her because she was going to take us to a better, more powerful shower.  We boarded our van and took a short drive.  On route we saw banana tree’s. Our tour guide gave us a little spill on the production of banana’s and told us it was their leading export crop.

Off we go to Toraille Waterfall & Gardens


WOW!  I have never been in a place that was so serene and tropical.  This is a 50-foot natural waterfall cascading into a pool.  I guess Kelly wasn’t joking when she told us she was taking us to a more powerful shower!  Now as much as I love The Caribbean, I am not a fan of water.  I kept thinking “how am I going to survive this?”  I had to do it because after all I picked this tour and raved about it.  There were a few people standing there telling me it was freezing.  Very good…2 things I hate is water and being cold!!  Notice me and Tanya?  LOL we are so brave at this point! It was really rocky and hard to walk on.  Next time I will bring water shoes.

 Kerry was loving it! Some day I’m going to be brave like him!




Until then, I will just creep over there and pretend I’m loving it…


Our tour guide must have forgotten to get a picture of me in under the Falls like Kerry was doing. HA!HA!HA!

Here we are!  In St. Lucia and loving life!


By now we were all getting hungry and thankfully the next stop was lunch!  After a short ride we stopped at a house? building? restaurant? Not so sure what it was but we were eating here.  We were seated by our guide and served cold beverages.  They had pop, beer and water.  Kerry had a beer and just because it was called Piton Beer, I had to try it.  I have to say it wasn’t too bad and I would NEVER in a million years drink a beer.  Today I was really stepping out of my comfort zone!

We were being served an authentic Creole meal.  We had no idea what that was but we were going to dig in.  They had a table in the back where you pick up your own food, kind of like a buffet style. They had chicken, rice and a bunch of salads.  It was okay for Kerry and I but the kids…ummmm nope!  Maison asked the cook for a sandwich and he shared it with Bria. Lunch was included.

After lunch we headed back to the dock.  Here are a few sights along the way…

We arrived back at the dock and of course I had to take a few more pictures.

Off we go for a 5 minute ride to Jalousie Beach also known as Sugar Beach.  This beach is located between the Pitons and is the most scenic beach on the island.  This is where the popular Sugar Beach resort is and it looked amazing!  We were stopping here for 2 hours.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and we were at the perfect location.

When we got settled with our beach chairs and some cold beverages, the boys decided to go snorkeling while Bria and I was going to hang out at the beach.

I know this is a picture of mine and Bria’s toes, but if you look closely you will see the sand and all the black specks in it.  St. Lucia is a volcanic island and the sand is black.  Sugar Beach had white sand imported but you can still see a lot of the black sand in the mix.


The boys arrived back from their snorkeling adventure and had a great time. They seen lots of tropical fish.  Snorkeling gear was included in our tour.

We played in the water for an hour.  It was so warm and beautiful.







It was time to clue up and head back to our boat.  Next was sightseeing along St’ Lucia’s coastline. 20180130_142539

Our Captain stopped so we could get one last picture of the Piton’s.  I will get more when we come back next time because this won’t be my last time visiting this beautiful island.

We stopped at the Beautiful Marigot Bay. The hills are lined with celebrity homes.  This Bay is considered a safe haven for the island during a hurricane.

We also stopped by the Natural Bridge, also known as “The Lady’s Slipper.”  There were people jumping off.

Our tour has come to an end and what an amazing day!  We were back to Castries Harbor by 3pm.  We did a little shopping at the port and headed back to the ship.


Today was everything I had hoped for and more.  We all enjoyed our tour with Spencer Ambrose Tours and I would highly recommend them.

Since the kids didn’t eat much from our Creole Cuisine, we ordered room service (included with your cruise but we give a tip to our delivery person).  It was such a gorgeous evening relaxing on our verandah soaking up the beautiful scenery.

Here is some of our room service.  Kerry went to deck 9 and got a Shawarma and some beverages.  The kids also had pizza. YUMMY!!

So relaxing after a phenomenal day!


 Every time we order room service we always get 4 Mickey Bars. This is a Mickey shape ice cream dipped in chocolate. Simply delicious!


After we were stuffed from all that food, we got ready for Dinner LOL!  We went strolling around and we bumped into Belle.  Love seeing her in her blue dress.

We went to see how Goofy was doing

1604-23096202-Classic CL Goofy Sailor 4 MS-30874_GPR

Tonight Dinner was at Tiana’s Place!  This is a new restaurant on the Wonder and we were all eager to try it.


This restaurant is based on the movie The Princess and the Frog.  It’s Southern cuisine with a live Jazz band called the Crawfish Crooners.


Tiana visit’s every table for a chat and pictures.

and of course Louis had to say hi


Here is tonight’s menu:

I tried the Turkey and it was delicious!  I went to help Bria with her steak and Ida took over.  You are not allowed to assist your kids on a Disney Cruise.

More tricks

We were wondering if Tiana’s famous Beignets were on the menu but our servers told us they would be on there the next time we are in Tiana’s!

Our overall impression of this new dining experience was exceptional.  The live band, the characters, the menu and just the lively atmosphere made it all very magical! Can’t wait to go back again!

Today was a busy day and we were BEAT!  After Dinner Kerry and I went to the top deck to have a stroll around and see all the lights from port.


We headed back to our room.  Bria and I delivered some fish extender gifts and then she went to bed.  I relaxed on the verandah and caught up on my journal.  It was such a gorgeous night, I stayed out there until 1:30am.


Tomorrow is a day at sea and I’m so excited about it!  I can’t wait to relax on deck 10!