St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I was happy when I had seen St. Thomas on our itinerary for our 4 night sailing.  This is our 3rd time visiting this island and we thought it would make for a great day lounging on top deck.  We have had busy port days and today we were going to relax!  It was a gorgeous day and we were going to get off later for an hour to get Bria’s bracelet for her collection.

We slept a little late and just made it to Cabana’s for breakfast.



After breakfast we headed to deck 10 to get a place to catch some rays! Perfection!!!!!


St. Thomas is a beautiful island and I love the port area.  Such an amazing view!



Some of the lifeboats were off the ship and it was cool to watch.


The kids were going to enjoy the pool while Kerry and I worked on our tan!


It was really quiet on the ship and you could get a chair anywhere you wanted!

After a few hours of relaxing, we got off the ship.  We didn’t plan on going far, just to the little shopping district at the port.





Such a beauty of a day…so hot!

The kids got their shopping done and we headed back on the ship.  We had a late lunch and went back to the top deck again to relax.


Drink of the day was Sunken Treasure


What’s a vacation without a picture of toes? Haha!



It was time to head back to the room and shower!  Bria was going to get her hair done and I had my massage booked for 5:30pm.


I was off to the Spa to use Kerry’s certificate that he won.


 I almost fell asleep waiting for the massage therapist as it was so quiet and peaceful.  Here is the massage room!


I think everyone should get a massage while on vacation…amazing!

“It’s Pirate Night”

We didn’t wear our costumes for this pirate night because we wore them last week,  I made t-shirts instead.

1605-23367718-DCL Pirate Shipwreck 3 Port-30810_GPR

1605-23367715-DCL Pirate Shipwreck 3 Port-30810_GPR

Pirate Stitch…Bria meets Stitch every time he’s out

1605-23365452-Other O Stitch Pirate 3 MS-30935_GPR

Off to Animator’s Palate for Dinner.  This is my favorite place to be on Pirate night

1605-23370291-C Pirate Animators Palate-30798_GPR

Not hard to guess who owns what here!  I love the Jamaican Jerk Chicken!

I love Pirate night

Trick time with Miss Bria!


Of course we had dessert


We didn’t go to the Pirate deck party tonight.  Instead we delivered some of our Fish Extender gifts.  Bria and I also went shopping in our pajama’s as the store was so quiet.  I made matching pj shirts for the family 🙂

When we got back to our room, we had gift’s in our Fish Extender


Tomorrow is a Day at Sea.  Kerry and I have a Palo Brunch…I can’t wait!