Disney’s Beach Club Resort


We have arrived!


We are always sad when we leave the ship but today was a little different.  We were heading to Disney’s Beach Club Resort and I was very excited about it.  Not only was it a beautiful place to relax after a busy few weeks, but we were also meeting some very special people here!

20180208_105741 Our bus pulled up to this beautiful hotel and I couldn’t wait to explore.  We got off the bus and there was a bellhop ready to take our luggage.  Our room wasn’t going to be ready until this afternoon so they stored our luggage until it was ready.

We went inside and WOW!  This place was stunning!


I went to the Concierge desk to check in and it was so easy.  We got our magic bands and we were on our way.  We decided to walk around to check out the place while we waited for our special guest to arrive.  After a brief call, they told us they were running a little late.   We decided we would hang out at the pool.

This pool is beyond amazing!!!


  The kids were so excited to be here



The pool is so big and there are so many different area’s.  There is a waterslide and a beach area as well.  The bottom of the pool is all sand!

My favorite was the lazy river!  Nothing more relaxing that this!

Hot tub time!

It looks like our guest have arrived! Here is a little story on how this all began.

Not everyone can say they have “Disney Grandparents.”  On our cruise in October 2016, we met a couple in line while waiting to get our picture taken with Mickey & Minnie on formal night.  This couple was celebrating their 64th wedding Anniversary and they were huge Disney fans!  Nan was 86 and Pop was 87 and they were cruising like pro’s!  We were mind blown by this couple and got to know them throughout the trip.  They participated in the ship’s Halloween costume party and won, they were braver on the water slide than I was and their smiles would light up a room.

Here they are with the kids on our 2016 cruise!


Nan was always fascinated with our matching outfits.  She would sit and wait in the Atrium every evening to see what we were wearing.  Her and Pop matched every night too and she told me to keep matching haha!  Nan was really drawn to Bria and her doll.  She loved dolls herself and really admired Bria’s love for them.

Since this cruise, we have been in close contact.  Nan messages me on Facebook messenger, calls me from time to time and she have sent the kids a few special items in the mail.  I have no idea how we connected, but they are truly just like grandparents for myself and the kids!

I messaged her one day and told her we were sailing to Port Canaveral, Florida.  She was over the moon excited and wanted to see us so bad.  She wanted to know our plans and if we had time to meet them. She called me so many times making sure we were still coming.  So today, Nan and Pop are coming to Disney World to spend the night with us and we are so excited!  How could 2 strangers we met on a Disney Cruise become such close family and play the role of Grandparents?  She loves that we consider them our Disney Grandparents!

They arrived safe and sound.  87 & 88 years old driving to Disney World like its no big deal (Nan does the driving)!  They visit Disney a few times throughout the year.

20180208_153344We had lots to catch up on and she always loves to hear how my Newfoundland family is doing.  She met them all on the cruise in 2016. She is really hoping my sister Julie will get to Florida some day to see her.

We hung out at the resort and went for a bite to eat.  Bria loved how her fries were in a beach pail!


The kids had to have another swim


We decided to head to our room around 5:30pm and seen this on our way!


Here are some pictures of the resort on the way!  We are staying in the Beach Club Villa’s.





  Welcome to our Villa

We had an awesome view from our verandah


After we were all settled and showered, the kids went to see how Nan & Pop were doing.  We didn’t know what our plans were for the night and wondered if they were tired and wanted to take it easy.  I mean who’s tired at 87 & 88 years old?  They were ready and waiting to take us sightseeing.  Bria and Nan had plans on stopping for Ice Cream.

Here we go…Sightseeing 101 with Nan & Pop!

I loved this little area and the artwork of course!

One of the little beach areas on our walk.  We’re headed to Disney’s Boardwalk.

Nan leading the way


I thought Kerry was the biggest sports fan out there but tonight I learned that Pop was too.  On the walk over all I heard was hockey talk.  Pop was so excited to take Kerry to the ESPN Club on the Boardwalk.


The kids hung out with Nan while they were in there having a look around.  I’m pretty sure they had to check the score in hockey as well.


Every time I go to Disney I always get a Mickey Pretzel.  They used to serve these on the cruise but they stopped.  As we were walking along, I spotted them.


They are so good with the cheese sauce.  Warning…so much salt!!


We found a place to sit along the Boardwalk.  Such a gorgeous night!

20180208_192904 After we finished our pretzels, we went for another stroll.  Nan wanted to take Bria to the General Store.  This store is amazing!!!


There is everything from baked goods to clothes.  Lots of nice things for your kitchen and amazing purses.  Its a one-stop shop and the perfect size for me!

 We kept on walking and enjoying the sights.  Nan asked the kids if they wanted to take the boat back to the resort instead of walking so that’s what we did.  The boat launch was close by!


Once we got to the other side, we can see the fireworks from the park.

We stopped at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort as it was on our way and we love to see all the different resorts.


Such a gorgeous Resort!  Here are a few pictures of the main lobby.

Of course we had to look for Newfoundland

20180208_203823 It was 9pm and I was getting tired.  We had an early rise this morning and we were still going!  If you can remember, Bria and Nan had big plans for ice cream.  Beaches and Cream Soda Shop was at our resort so guess where we headed…

Who needs to go to bed anyway?  Ice cream it is!


Can’t beat this for a bedtime snack!


After we finished our ice cream and sundae’s we headed back to our room.  It was 11:00 pm and we were so sleepy!


We all had a wonderful sleep and we were ready to start the day!  First up was breakfast at Cape May.  This is a character buffet restaurant at the Beach Club Resort.

Nan and Pop always go here when they visit Disney World and she was really excited that we were all going with them.  We had reservations for 8:30 and we were seated right away.  Once we were all settled and we had our beverages, we headed over to the buffet.  I love Mickey waffles on the cruise and Nan told me they were better here so I couldn’t wait to try them.

Characters were making their way to our table!  I really love this picture!



Maison was ready to eat!

Now have a look at Bria’s plate!  I can’t wait for all that sugar to kick in!!

She loved the topping section and had to go for second’s!


More characters!  I love how excited Nan was when the characters came around.  I’m pretty sure that’s how I will be when I’m 87!


Telling Goofy that they were married for 65 years!

Goofy and Pop…so sweet!



We had an amazing morning and it was time to say good-bye to Nan and Pop.  They were soon heading back home and we were about to do some exploring.  We had to get some pictures with our Disney Grandparents before they hit the road!

They really love the kids20180209_100532

My idol


The hockey fans


Until next time…


I am so happy we got to spend this time with this amazing couple.  They mean a lot to our family.

We went back to our room to grab a few things. Of course we did pictures along the way.



We were heading out for the day but first the kids had to get in on a little pin trading.

Once they were done, we got the bus to the Magic Kingdom where we had to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness Resort.  We were off to visit some Disney horses!

Next up…

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