Meet The Roo’s

We are a family of 4 who loves adventure!  There’s always a countdown in our house for something and most often it’s a Disney related vacation!

Here is a little about myself and my favorite people! My name is April or as some would say Momma Roo.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 17 years!  We started dating when I was in grade 9 and the rest is history!  We have 2 incredible kids who thankfully love to travel and found a love for Disney.

Our 11-year-old daughter came up with the idea of blogging our most recent vacation.  The first thing I thought was “not happening!” You see I grew up in a tiny town in Triton, Newfoundland, Canada and if anyone ever met a Newfie or been to Newfoundland, they know that English isn’t our strongest point. So the idea of me writing for people to read was hilarious when she mentioned it and here we are…writing a travel blog!  So please know that I am not a professional writer, I tend to write how I speak and sometimes that can be a little hard to understand!

The name Roo is our family nickname and we love it!  3 years ago I wanted to help a family.  I didn’t know how but I felt like I needed to do something!  I did some research on Surrogacy and thought this was it!  I decided to be a gestational carrier (just the baker as we call it) for a couple whom I’ve never met (told you we were adventurous or a little crazy).  This couple has now become part of our life and a big part of our family.  I helped them grow 2 adorable children in 2 separate journey’s and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever done in my life!  They didn’t know what to call us after the first baby was born so Momma decided they will call us their “Family of Roo’s!” I was Momma Roo, Hubby was Papa Roo and the kids were Brother and Sister Roo.  So this is how our family became The Roo’s! 20180207_124639

That’s our little story on how this all got started. I’m sure you will learn a lot more about us as we write about our trips.